Shamanic Healing

The shaman understands that everything in creation is alive and inter-connected in the web of life. Everything has a spirit, the animals, plants, rocks, places and that every spirit has power and wisdom to share with us. The shaman is the walker between the worlds and is able to access and communicate with spirit in other dimensions, in whatever form, by enetering into an altered state of awareness to gain wisdom, guidance and healing for others.

Traditional and ancient cultures lived their lives in close harmony with nature and the ancestors and connected with spirit through the Shaman healer who developed a close working bond with their spirit allies, be it animal, plant or mineral, for guidance for themselves and others.

As a Shaman Healer, Derek is able to access this for the benefit of others in several ways:

What you would experience from a shamanic healing session with Derek?

Initially, it is important to be comfortable with the person you're called to help you, so please contact me for a chat. Every session will be different as we are all unique and individual. An initial informal discussion will be had to clarify what it is that you need help with. Then you will be asked to get comfortable and relax, often on a couch or chair if preferred. Then, often with the aid of a drum, or rattle I will be guided by my allies, through the altered state of awareness, the direction of healing that we shall take
Within my practice as a shamanic healer, I offer the opportunity for you to reconnect with your true self. If you feel shamanic healing could help you, or you would like to discuss any aspects of this, then for more information or a personal appointment please contact me, Derek

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual cause that underlies illness, dis-ease or difficulties. It can often help when conventional means have failed.

Shamanic Healing - Power Retrieval

Power Loss can occur for many reasons within our hectic daily lives such as when we suffer emotional stress or pain, or lose our self respect or strength. The Shaman healer can help restore this power by journeying to retrieve a power animal that represents your reconnection to your life force. By acknowledging and honouring this reconnection we can work within our own revitalised strength and power.

Shamanic Healing - Extraction

The Shaman healer views illness as an intrusion of harmful energy into the body. This can often be felt as localised pain or infection. By journeying with the help of the shamans spirit allies, these harmful intrusions can be extracted and transmuted into healing energy, for the well being of the client.

Shamanic Healing - Soul Essence Retrieval

We are all born with the power of our own life force, our soul essence and this grows and develops as we also grow. Occasionally under stress or trauma, part of our soul essence can break away as part of a survival strategy and retreat into other dimensions. This can often lead to a feeling of something missing, incompleteness and not being as one, an inability to move on from losses and relationships, or feeling drained or disconnected. The Shaman healer can journey to these other dimensions to locate these soul parts and retrieve them for the client, making them feel whole again.

Shamanic Counselling

Shamanic counselling is a spiritual counselling method where the client is taught the basic techniques of shamanic journeying and is able to access the information and guidance directly in a safe and supported way.


From a "core" shamanic viewpoint, the shamanic cosmology can be seen to consist of three worlds; lower, middle and upper and the shaman journeys to these worlds during an altered state of consciousness in order to gain advice, wisdom or for healings. Core shamanism could be viewed as the bones to build your shamanic understanding around and it is only through regular and authentic connection with your own spirit allies through entering into the trance state that you can build your own understanding

Derek guides shamanic journey circles once a month in a small and friendly group. See the Workshops page for details of the next circle and venue.

Derek is also available for your group or meeting for an evening and to give a demonstration of leading you on a journeying using the drum and other tools.


May you walk in beauty