Workshops and Events - 2020

Please note, due to the current virus protection restrictions, all events were cancelled but we are now reviewing those that can be opened up in an outdoor space. We are accredited with UK Hospitiality, Visit England and IPHM for Covid policies etc. The Healing Tree Centre is an educational Training facility.

Download the full events programme v1 Feb 2020

* All payments for workshops and events are non profit optional donations that go towards the building and renovation and running of the Healing Tree Centre via the registered charity "The Healing Tree Centre Foundation" and also supporting the years charity (see front page).

The Shamans Quest 2021 / 22 (see Shamanic Training page)
1 - Friday  Feb 19th  –  Sunday Feb 21st  2021
2 - Friday  Jun 11th   –  Sunday Jun 13th  2021
3 - Friday  Oct 15th  –  Sunday Oct 17th   2021
4 - Friday  Jan 21st  –  Sunday Jan 23rd 2022
5 - Friday  April 29th -  Monday May 2nd 2022 (Monday May Bank Holiday – 4 days)

Journeys of Discovery - Drum and Shamanic Journey Circle -
5th Sept, 26th Sept, 31st Oct, 28th Nov. 2021
2pm - 5.30  - £8 at Healing Tree Centre in a covered outdoor space
Derek has been running this monthly drum circle since 2002. All are welcome, novice and experienced to explore the shamanic journey or to deepen their connection.

Wild Hearth Retreat 3rd - 6th Sept 2020 - Postponed to 2021, contact for more information
A 4 day retreat in the wild and secluded Talisman Woods at The Healing Tree Centre, Cornwall.
Wild Earth - ReWild your connection to the Earth and the Spirits of Nature
Wild Heart - ReWild your heart, so embracing your true self.
Wild Hearth - Nurture the fire in your centre and step into a new way of being.

Psychic Development Retreat with Medium Sue Phillips 19th 20th Sept 2020
This 2 day retreat is to help support you in developing specific skills in psychic and mediumship ability and have fun in the process meeting new friends.
Whether you’re new to the world of psychic awareness or have had many experiences, this retreat will offer you the opportunity to bring greater awareness of your higher self and a stronger connection with the spirit world, practice through exercises, theory and open you and strengthen your relationship and links to your guides and to spirit. This 2 day retreat is to help support you in developing specific skills in psychic and mediumship ability and have fun in the process meeting new friends.
The retreat will be led by Sue Phillips who is a highly experienced psychic medium, and works as one of the renown Psychic Sisters of London. She has led various groups, courses and retreats.
She will be sharing skills that will assist in your development you as continue your journey into spirit strengthening your connection and establishing firm practice to enhance your skills. Using her unique warm, friendly and supportive teaching style.
During this weekend we will experience -
1. Practical exercises to develop intuition, psychic and mediumship skills
2. Guided meditations to meet your guide and practise strengthening that link
3. Teachings on the world of spirit, mediumship and our part in it.
4. How spirit enlighten and teach us
5. Follow up webinar for integration and support
Accommodation can be booked at the Healing Tree for £20 a night pp in the caravans, tents and camper vans at £7 for those who wish to stay over. There may be availability for those travelling long distances to stay on Fri evening for those people breakfast will be provided on sat.
The cost for the 2 days is £180. A deposit of £60 is required to secure your place. The total cost can be paid in a one off payment or in 3 separate payments to be paid in full by 31st Aug 2020. First payment of £60 deposit followed by payments of £60.
Please note that places are limited!
If you wish to book a place please email: or Fb message for further details.

Shamans Quest Deeper - Shamanic Counselling 3rd Oct 2020
Fully Booked, (postponed from March 21st and if you were originally coming then I have sent a message) - A 1 day deeper exploration of the techniques of shamanic counselling and journeying and also connecting with the Devas for inspired guidance for client support through Gaia - Mapping techniques under the guidance of Derek Gane. This is an ideal practice for those who already have a working client practice or who will be working shamanically with others. It is a pre-requisite that you have undertaken and successfully completed The Shamans Quest training with Derek Gane to join this deeper session. Places are limited to ensure in-depth study and practice on this focused day.
A vegetarian Soup and bread and salad lunch will be provided as well as refreshments during the day.
Part of this day will be wortking outside on the land whatever the weather so please bring wellie boots (essential) and waterproof clothing.. Contact for more info

Introduction the the Shamanic Pathway 18th Oct 2020
A 1 day introduction to shamanism and the shamanic pathway. Led by me, Derek Gane, we shall step out to explore the basics of shamanic journeying and the various techniques used on the journey. We will discover how to connect and work with our allies and totem animal and start to understand the role of the healer in the shamanic world. We will explore the use of the drum and rattle as shamanic tools. Some of this work will be deepening our connection with the elements of nature so please wear suitable clothes.
I work extensively as a shamanic healer from my training centre, the Healing Tree Centre and I have been teaching shamanic practice for 17 years and the Shamans Quest Practitioner training is now in its 10th year. My work is grounded in this land and this Earth and guided by Spirit and I enjoy bringing this forward to help others find their healing, their true power and to find their way.
This day can be used as a gateway to the Shamans Quest Practitioner training that starts in February 2021 and follows the wheel of the year, though this 1 day is also stand alone, as an introduction, and open to all.
£60 for the day. Soup and bread lunch provided. Please feel free to add to the shared lunch in a small way. Teas coffee etc. provided throughout the day.
What to bring:
A stone large enough to fill your hand (any type, rough and nature gifted is good)
Food offering for lunch,
Wet weather clothing and wellies/boots
A drum, rattle, (can be supplied as I have spares) also blanket eye covering if you have them

 The Shamans Quest 2021 / 22 (see Shamanic Training page)
1 - Friday  Feb 19th  –  Sunday Feb 21st  2021
2 - Friday  Jun 11th   –  Sunday Jun 13th  2021
3 - Friday  Oct 15th  –  Sunday Oct 17th   2021
4 - Friday  Jan 21st  –  Sunday Jan 23rd 2022
5 - Friday  April 29th -  Monday May 2nd 2022 (Monday May Bank Holiday – 4 days)

Shamanic Introduction Day - 1:1 training – enquire to arrange a date
A full day of experiential shamanic training. This day is aimed at the novice who has not been able to attend one of the introductory days regularly arranged for groups and is on a one to one basis. You will receive individual attention and focused guidance on the shamanic pathway. The aim of this day is to give you a big step up on to the path of shamanism, shamanic journeying, understanding the 3 world cosmology, and much more. It will be an intensive day delivered in a fun and friendly environment and starts at 9.30 through till 5. Please contact to discuss dates, arranged depending on availability. £160

Reiki Healing Training Level 1, 2 and Master Attunements.
I am an experienced Reiki master of over 17 years. I offer Reiki 
training and attunements to all levels and a Reiki support and training group.  
The attunement is carried out in a warm, loving and relaxed atmosphere, with 
each aspect of training being geared to you as an individual. The attunement may
be carried out in the beautiful peaceful setting of Raven Hill in the sacred 
circle and labyrinth.  Arranged for small groups or 1:1 training.
Reiki 1       ---------------------------------------£85                                       
Reiki 2       ---------------------------------------£85                                       
Reiki 1 and 2 combined (if eligible)   -----£125
Reiki 3                                             -------£155

Contact The Healing Tree for more information.

Cancellation Policy: A non-returnable deposit to be paid to secure your place. The payment in full to be paid prior to any event / workshop. In case of you cancelling, up to one week in advance of the event, your payment less the deposit will be refunded. If less than one week, then no refund will be made unless the place can be filled. If at any time, The Healing Tree Centre has to cancel, then an alternative date will be offered but if not suitable, then refund in full will apply.