School of Esoteric Wisdom

2 day workshops 

A weekend of expanding our awareness and psychic development where we will open up to the teachings and deepen into the Great Mystery for the greater evolvement of ourselves and each other.
Two days of psychic and spiritual development. Space held and run by Derek Gane and Alison Adamson, both with many years of both sitting in and running development circles and awareness expansion on many levels.
Limited to 10 attendees to ensure a high vibrational working environment, the Healing Tree Centre is an conscious educational and wellness retreat.
Full cost of this 2 day non- residential experiential workshop of £135 to be paid before the course, follow ticket link below.
Some limited accommodation may be available.
Vegan Soup and bread lunch provided and all refreshments during the days.
After this weekend, there will be the option of continuing fortnightly (dates to be agreed) with your learning in a development circle, a physical circle, on Thursday evenings and possibly occassionally online Zoom. Invitation to join a closed private group for ongoing support.

19th 20th March 2022

Circle of Esoteric Wisdom. Regular in-person circle

Starting in April 2022 we will be running a regular in-person development circle. Dates yet to be confirmed but these will be monthly and on set Sundays from 10 to 4.30. Each month we will go deep in to one chosen subject such as exploring dreamwork, divinatory sytems, sacred geometry, physical mediumship, psychic development etc. Over the following month we will all carry this forward, working on a personal level and bring our findings back to the group.  This will be a closed group and regular attendance will be encouraged so as to build the group energy.  There will also be a private Social media group set up for you to share and interact. 

Details to follow soon ............  contact us for more information but also see the 2 day weekend exploration that would lead into these evenings. 

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