Shamanic Drum and Journey Circle - Cornwall

A monthly Shamanic journeying and drumming group for both fledgling and experienced. If you are starting out on your journey and would like to explore the realm of the shaman then come along and join us. A warm welcome to those with more experience who would like explore more within a circle.

A warm and friendly group, we will join together in a community circle to journey with the drum. You do not need to be an experienced drummer as the emphasis is on our connection with the Great Spirit.

We shall also be exploring deeper into the world of the shaman and learning about healing, community, and the many facets of nature, spirit and the light. Please bring a drum, rattle (if you have them) a blanket, pen and paper and an open mind and heart.

The circles will meet at  The Healing Tree Centre, North Cornwall, around the fire circlle weather permitting or in Rowan workshop. 

Please click the link for details and to join. All welcome.