Therapies and Healing

Shamanic Healing - £55

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What you would experience from a shamanic healing session with Derek?

Initially, it is important to be comfortable with the person you're called to help you, so please contact me for a chat. Every session will be different as we are all unique and individual. An initial informal discussion will be had to clarify what it is that you need help with. Then you will be asked to get comfortable and relax, often on a couch or chair if preferred. Then, often with the aid of a drum, or rattle I will be guided by my allies, through the altered state of awareness, the direction of healing that we shall take.

 Shamanic healing addresses the spiritual cause that underlies illness, dis-ease or difficulties. It can often help when conventional means have failed.

Within my practice as a shamanic healer, I offer the opportunity for you to reconnect with your true self. If you feel shamanic healing could help you, or you would like to discuss any aspects of this, then for more information or a personal appointment please contact me, Derek

Reiki - £35

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An ancient form of healing, believed to have spread from Tibet a few thousand years ago and re-discovered in Japan in the early 1900s. Reiki is non religious and uses the universal life energy that flows all around us and is present in all matter.

This healing energy is channelled through the healer and into the clients’ physical and energy body. It is a gentle, relaxing hands on technique that is performed while the patient is fully dressed and all that is required of the client is a willingness to accept the healing. The client may feel a pleasant sensation of warmth, coldness or a gentle tingling in the area treated. A full Reiki treatment will last about an hour and is usually carried out on a couch.

Reiki is a natural form of healing that helps to reduce stress and induces relaxation, both of which are important to promote healing. As the energy comes into balance, stress and tension are released and there is a deep sense of relaxation and feeling of well being.

Body Energy Massage £45

The holistic approach takes into account the person's whole being, and not just their physical symptoms or problems. An initial consultation will be taken, where the effects on the body arising from the environment and nutrition is considered. The energy massage that I practice is a magical blend of many techniques I practice and focus directly for your welbeing. I use my skills and experience in energy massage for you as an individual and incorporate movements from other styles that I have learned. You should allow an hour for this whole body treatment. This can be adapted to focus more on specific areas, such as lower back, shoulders and neck etc. .

Reflexology - £40

Massaging the feet to benefit the body is a very ancient practice with links back to the physician Ankhmahor at around 2,300 BC in Egypt.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that helps to create a balance in the body’s system through manipulation of related areas mapped out on the feet. Not only is Reflexology soothing and relaxing but by using finger pressure on precise points of the foot, toxins can be cleared, endorphins released to relieve pain and the whole body brought back into harmonious balance.

A full session lasts about 50 minutes

Hopi Ear Candling - £35

Commonly used for physical ailments such as helping to loosen and clear earwax, vertigo and balance dysfunctions, sinus problems, I use them to work on a deeper energetic level where they clear and balance the head and can help with stress, anxiety, emotional issues and energy blockages. Deeply relaxing, they can be beneficial for the physical and emotional body.

Made from a fine cloth, beeswax and herbs the candles are gently inserted into the opening of the ear, and lit, one at a time, and burnt like a candle. A light suction action and the movement of the flame creates a vibration of air in the ear candle. This generates a massage-like effect on the ear-drum as well as the "spaces" throughout our head, the sinuses. It can, therefore, be beneficial for ear, nasal and head problems. The whole ceremony induces a feeling of relaxation and inner well being. The treatment is finished off with a gentle facial massage, aiding sinus drainage and balancing the facial muscles, helping to increase the benefits of the candles.


Indian Head Massage-£35

Indian head massage is a therapy that uses massage techniques on the arms, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. This is to relax the muscles, stimulate blood flow, create harmony within oneself and promote the body’s healing abilities. It is common for our stress to be held in our upper back and shoulders, often due to poor posture and work place ergonomics with pc's and desks. This pain often travels up the neck and into our head muscles creating further stress and tension. An Indian Head Massage works on the upper back, shoulders, neck and onto the head and face to release and relax this tension holistically to leave you in a fully relaxed and blissful place.

Indian head massage can be traced back to Ayurvedic texts dating back 4000 years. Originally, Indian women used the techniques to keep their long hair in beautiful condition and they used the massage movements on their children to keep them in good health. It has been adapted to western needs to include the upper body, the back and the arms, which can be a common area of stress induced aches and pains.

Embracing Your Alchemical Self - £55

A psycho-shamanic practice with roots in the ancient Buddhist Chod practice of confronting and transmuting your self-identified demons. A powerful tool for helping identify blockages and issues and to transform your life for a new positive direction. You will be guided through this process in a supportive way

Energy Flow and Chakra Balancing - Sound Bath - £45

Using the 7 set chakra crystal bowls which are perfectly tuned to align with the vibration of each chakra, tuning forks and energy chimes, Derek will conduct a sound healing energy bath where you can relax and totally immerse yourself in the healing sound vibrations. Your energy body will be cleansed, removing unwanted and negative blockages, and realigned, allowing you to move forward in your life more positively and creatively.

Animal Healing - £35

Animals can respond well to the gentle, non-invasive Reiki healing energies. I have helped the healing of horses, dogs and cats and also small rodents. It is important that you always seek your vets advice in the first instance but if you feel that your pet or animal in your care could benefit from Reiki healing then please contact me for advice or further details.

House Energy Cleansing £55 + location charge

There are many reasons you could feel that your property needs cleansing or it has a presence that you may not understand and feel uncomfortable with.  Let me help you "clear" these energies and emotional ties with a house cleansing


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