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The seed of The Healing Tree organisation was first planted in 1999 in Dorset and has grown steadily since that time. Now firmly rooted in North Cornwall at The Healing Tree Centre, it is still growing and offers a wide range of healings and therapies and also a diverse range of teachings, events and workshops.

A bit about me, Derek, where I come from and how I bring the shamanic understanding into my life. 
I was first catapulted into the journey with spirit when, aged 20, my Mum died unexpectedly but peacefully. Up until then, I had dabbled as a young teenager with different faiths and religions, coming from a C of E background and being drawn early on to eastern mysticism. I always knew there was something else, something tapping me on the shoulder, but I didnt know how to open the door.  


Still as a youngster, through living partly in the counter culture environment,  I explored, amongst other substances, the mind altering, psychedelic world of LSD which opened my eyes like a sledgehammer to that door! It gave me an insight into what I believed were the other worlds and other realities and the interconnectedness of all life. 

The shock of losing my Mum, along with other issues, sent me into a spiralling world of severe anxiety and major panic attacks and for several years was unaware of how to reach out for support. This led to my breakdown, dark night  and subsequent breakthrough.
A few years on, I went for some readings and support from different Mediums, initially to gain confirmation (Though I had the "knowing" since childhood) of the afterlife.  These gave me a certain insight and some confidence but, being an Aquarian and seeker of Truth, I wanted more. I was now slowly pulling myself out from the darkest depths that I had been in and reach out for the light.
Throughout my childhood, I always had a yearning and deep deep passion for nature and the world of animals. TV then, was mostly limited to Johnny Morris's Animal Magic and the weird but funny concept of talking animals!  We always had pets and I would save up my pocket money each week for another of "Britains" farm or zoo animal for my collection and I lived in that world. (I still have them all but thats another story!)

Back when I was 18, I was loaned Carlos Casteneda's "The Teachings of Don Juan" and, regardless of whether it is fact or fiction, there were some "truths" within it that stirred something deep inside me that I would not uncover again for several years

I found my own path out of my state of anxiety through regular meditations, relaxation technques including Tai Chi but most importantly spending as much time out walking and immersing myself in nature. This is where my soul is truly at peace, amongst the trees, gazing at distant views or my bare feet firmly gripping the soil.

In the 90's I rediscovered the calling for understanding the other realms I could feel all around me and finally took the plunge with some formal, recognised shamanic training in all the healing methods of a shamanic practitioner. I could now see all the pieces starting to come together. Once iniitially trained, and to my utter disbelief but unable to resist the calling, I found myself running a shamanic drum circle in 2002. Initially it was to meet like minded people, this from someone who once really struggled to utter my own name in group situations. This is still running today and has been continuous for over 18 years. I give gratitude for life and for all my teachers

My pathway and passion is shamanic with my own eclectic blend of experiences and learnings though I prefer to think of myself as C of E, a Child of the Earth. I run The Healing Tree Centre, with my partner Alison, between Launceston and Bude with a growing community where I run my teachings and welcome others to come and share. I believe in the importance of small communities of like minded people and seekers that interconnect with other groups. We are all on the web as one. 

I have been practicing as a shamanic healer for 18 years and feel truly blessed to be able to assist with positive change in those that come to see me.

I have a deep inner connection with the natural elements and have worked in nature conservation and education training for many years and I bring this natural energy into my healing and guidance. I have walked several different spiritual paths until a spiritual awakening showed me the true way of the shaman. I formalised my teachings with The Sacred Trust and have since studied under many different teachers, elders and shaman, both in the UK and during my travels abroad in Africa, Nepal and South America. Within my organisation, The Healing Tree, I love to work with ceremony and in community to encompass the elements all around us and to acknowledge our place in the web of life.

As a shamanic healer and ceremonialist, I offer the opportunity for you to reconnect with your true self and to be in harmony with all that is around you and to embrace all that life offers.

I am also a practitioner in Indian Head Massage, Mongolian Sky Energy Massgage, Reflexology, Holistic Massage, Hot Stones, Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles and Soul Path Readings.

“May you walk in beauty”

ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage

ITEC Diploma in Reflexology

IIHHT Diploma in Indian Head Massage

World Federation of Healing – Full Healer

Reiki Master (18 years)

Formalised my study  withThe Sacred Trust under the Foundation for Shamanic Studies  2002 - 2004

A member of The Society of Shamanic Practitioners

I use Westminster  Insurance for all my teaching and practitioner needs.  I recommend them as they have all modalities in one place.     Here's a link....    




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