Events at the Healing Tree Centre

All events comply with current regulations and we are accredited with the Visit England "Good To Go" scheme. 

The Shaman as Psychopomp and the Souls Journey Home

5th -7th November 2021

An in depth 3 day workshop, Led by Derek Gane, open to those who have completed the Shamans Quest practitioner training or other recognised training. 
An in depth workshop exploring the deeper work of the shaman as psychopomp and the essential craft of guiding the souls home. The Shaman knows that death of the physical body is just a transition yet will be called upon to assist the dying and those that have completed their physical journey but not fully transitioned.  This role has always been a service that is required but maybe in these unusual and difficult times we shall be called upon more urgently to assist those whose transition has not completed.  We shall explore the role of the shaman in preparation for the dying and death ceremonies. We shall work with individual practice, thorough learning and in communal ceremony, especially in this powerful Samhain New Moon. We shall also explore how in these momentous times, this essential “healing” work not only assists the dying and the dead but could help this planet through this important current phase we find ourselves in. 

Start Friday morning 10.30 through to Sunday 16.00. Sat and Sunday start at 10am
Vegan soup and breads provided and two evening meals and continental breakfast provided. Please bring a plate of food to share for lunch
£175 investment for 3 days in depth training. Limited accommodation available, please enquire for availability and cost.

Shamanic Drum and Journey Circles

30th October 2021

ticket link to follow

Our drum circles have been running almost continuously since 2003 and they're now run at the Healing Tree Centre, Cornwall, PL15 8NS. Theyre held out on the land, round a roaring fire, under the marquee or in the workshop space.  
For future circles, check back here or our Facebook page

Earth Keepers

Weekly, every Tuesday

Welcome to Earth Keepers. A weekly conservation and wisdom sharing group around a fire. The Healing Tree Centre is in 18 acres of conservation land and we'll undertake a diverse range of land management, learning skills and sharing and listening to each others stories. It is an opportunity to give back to the Earth with positive land management. We can all be the "Keeper", regardless of age and share our wisdom and experience with each other. Every Tuesday, between 10.30 to 15.30pm, we'll be taking on a task of land management, and spending time together, making new friends, sharing our wisdom and listening to each other. Our aim is to be a friendly, supportive and active volunteer group that will create positive action for the Earth and each other. We each have different skills to offer and are open to learning more. This is an opportunity, especially important at this time, where we can support each other, mentally and emotionally too. Derek is an experienced land manager and has extensive knowledge of running "Green Team" volunteer groups for Natural England and the National Trust. Come and join us. Open to all ages and abilities. Bring your own lunch and a cup. Tea and coffee provided. You'll be welcome

Wild Hearth Retreat

2022 dates coming soon

Wild Earth - ReWild your connection to the Earth and the Spirits of Nature
Wild Heart - ReWild your heart, so embracing your true self.
Wild Hearth - Nurture the fire in your centre and step into a new way of being.
Come, let go and immerse yourself deep in the wild and magical nature of Talisman Woods. It is time to find our own true nature and step up in this pivotal time.
4 day immersive retreat at The Healing Tree Centre. There will be time and space to sink in to the land and connect with the Spirits of place through mindfulness, opening up the inner creative essence and discovering your inner wild soul through ceremony, space and wild reconnection. This time will be living, breathing and sharing out on the land in a small group. We will be conscious dreaming, bringing your awareness in through your dreamstate.
Accommodation will be under canvas (either provided or bring your own, see pricing) with your own bedding. All meals provided from Thursday breakfast to late Sunday lunch. Start 10.30 Thursday to 15.30 Sunday
Full price £325 (with tent accommodation supplied)
Discount £285 (bring own tent )
Deposit £100
Participants limited to a small band of travellers
To join or enquiries email Derek; thehealingtreecentre@gmail