The Shaman's Quest 

Shamanic Practitioner Training  - Year 1 Certificate

Dates for 2024/25  

 Friday 10.00 am start to Monday 3.00pm close

1 - Friday  12th April  – Monday 15th April 2024
2 - Friday  19th July  –   Monday 22nd July 2024
3 - Friday  25th Oct    –  Monday 28th Oct 2024
4 - Friday  14th Feb -   Monday 17th Feb  2025

Enquiries now being taken for starting April  2024. 

Download the Application form here 

Complete an online application here

I, Derek, have been teaching shamanic practice for over 20years and I am an experienced and working shamanic healer / practitioner.  I am happy to guide you through the all aspects of shamanism and the Shamans Quest Practitioner training is now in its 12th year

The Journey:
On the quest journey, the hero sets out to reach their goal, to obtain their treasure, 
accomplishing tasks along the way and then return home with it intact. 

The Shaman on their epic journey, often with great exertion and struggles along the pathway endeavours to reach a full understanding of his or herself and to complete the quest.

On this journey, we will follow the wheel of the year, from death and rebirth, the verdant new growth to the rich harvest of our souls, exploring shamanic teachings and techniques that have been used for millennia to reach our goals. This is an in depth shamanic course where you will explore and learn in a friendly and fully supported environment. Suitable for novices setting out on their pathway as well as those that would like to explore to a greater depth the inner workings of the world of the shaman.

We will weave our story over four 4 day sessions, starting in April through to the following February, whilst we follow the growth of the year and of ourselves and explore the journey to reach our goals.  Each session will start on the Friday morning, and ending on the Monday. 

The sessions will comprise practical explorations, teachings, discussions, pair and group work and solitary and shared ceremony. This will be a closed group with limited numbers and you will be required to commit to all of the four sessions with case studies to complete your training for shamanic practitioner’s certification. Alternatively you can attend fully but follow the route of personal shamanic embodiment for your own personal growth without case studies etc. You will be given full group and private support throughout by your teacher, Derek Gane, the assistants, as well as your peer group. 

I have been teaching shamanic practice for over 20 years and happy to guide you through all aspects of shamanism. The Shamans Quest is now in its 12th year and is accredited with I.P.H.M. 

This training is held at The Healing Tree Centre in North Cornwall, on 18 acres of beautiful private land and woodlands and we shall spend time connecting both indoors and outside throughout the seasons.

A guide to teachings explored;

Session 1- Creation - Air
Introduction to journeying, Energy body awareness, Ceremony of the drum, Tutelary allies, Circle of reality, Lower world journeying, Earthwalks, Upper world journeying, Meeting our Totems, Transformational Drum Healing, Smudging,  Air Ceremony. Shamanic crafting, Creating your own personal healing mesa bag.  

Session 2- Strength - Fire
Fire ceremony, Journeying, Shamanic Counselling. The wounded healer, Shamanic view of illness, and healing, Walk of attention, Merging with animals, Dance of power, Working with the elements, Healing fire ceremony. Shamanic hunter / prey, Understanding shamanic view of power, Healing bundles, Power Animal retrieval healing. Guardianship of the Grandfather. Chanupa pipe ceremony

Session 3- Expansion - Water
Earth walks and awareness, Middle world journey, Ceremony as an act, Shamanic extraction healing. Working with ancestral helpers, Ancestral healing, Responsibilities with clients. Cord cutting, Egg Cleansing, Space clearance, Water ceremonies.  Mesa Healing. 

Session 4 - Solidity - Earth
Understanding soul loss, Mending the fragmented soul with retrieval. Soul remembrance, Soul theft, Elementals and the Middle world, Rock seeing. The Dance of your Animal. Earth Ceremony. Sacred Heart Cacao Ceremony. Full healing integration session. Full Healing review. Completion celebration.

The Healing Tree is an approved training provider and The Shamans Quest is accredited with I.P.H.M

see also

Shamanic Practitioner Training - Advanced Diploma

This is the Advanced Diploma level, shamanic practitioner training that, naturally, follows on from the Shamans Quest Certificate and takes the work to a deeper understanding. 

This year is also open to others that have not studied with me, Derek Gane, but have achieved a level of shamanic training that covers a full and complete range of the teachings of shamanism, that can be evidenced  i.e. an equivalent years training to the Shamans Quest certificate. 

If called, then click on the Advanced Diploma form link, below,  for course content and all information

Feedback from previous participants of the Shamans Quest

There are times in your life when you just know that you are experiencing a very rare and very special moment in time with exceptionally very rare and special people. The Healing Centre, Cornwall with Derek Gane. Apprenticeship Training for life   
GS 2022

I was meaning to get in touch to say a huge thank you for last weekend, it was brilliant! Lovely to be in such a nurturing, nourishing, supportive, beautiful space and with a lovely group. 
SM 2017

A life changing experience 
SB 2017

Highly recommend the "Shamans Quest" 
BM 2017

What the Shamans Quest has meant to me?
Life changer! I started the quest knowing I had to walk a shamanic path, but I was full of self doubt and anxiety. I was unsure how to integrate this calling into my everyday life. The Quest sorted that right out!! I have completed the journey and I am a changed person. I feel like I have stepped into a power I never knew I had, whilst remaining humble and aware of where that power really lies. I am confident, happy and content. I'm doing things I never imagined were possible in my work and my life in general. I am so grateful to Derek and Alison, and the wonderful Healing Tree Centre for all that you have done. I can't recommend this course highly enough. Aho!! 
SMc 2018

What the Shamans Quest journey has meant for me

It's enabled me to move on to a different phase in my life and make big changes that I was quite afraid of making. I've realised things aren't as scary as I thought, found an increased connection to nature, which I was in great need of, on many levels, and rediscovered the simplicity of healing, helped along by Derek's gentle and flexible approach. It's given me an amazing tribe, and nourished me when I most needed it. At the same time I'm aware that this is just the beginning, but I now have some really valuable tools to use going forward and a greater appreciation of the spirit world. Huge gratitude to all at the Healing Tree. 
Sue M 2018

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